Workforce Transformation......through wisdom transfer


Creating today's workforce is a moving target of challenges for any organization. Determining how big, where located, its structure, its diversity composition, its culture, its level of engagement and its sustainability are only a few of the issues that any organization faces today. And your competition is just as challenged as you are. Plus, there has been a shift in the expectations of today's workforce......the expectations are higher and it has an emerging demographic personality that needs an employer to embody what is important to them and engages them to perform their best. 

An emerging trend amongst thoughtful organizations is a refreshed view of their older employees and a realization that abruptly losing valuable expertise when these employees retire could be harmful to the organization. Combined with this realization that they’re not prepared for this loss of talent are the lack of strategies or plans in place to transfer this expertise. Nor have they been leading, engaging and honouring these senior employees to ensure the transition of expertise is respected and of full value. And what perhaps should be done to retain this talent. 

Today's workforce, regardless of the age spectrum, is looking for challenge, growth, recognition, group success, diversity, and ongoing learning and development. Where are you in leveraging your workforce’s mutual wisdom and value?

HC2advantage is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in Workforce Transformation across the age spectrum. Providing insight, strategy, planning and transformational support, our approach is based on experience and both practical and progressive solutions that engage people and operations for competitive advantage. We help you leverage your mutual wisdom.


How We Think

Our research and experience indicates that a lot of loyal talent and wisdom is leaving today’s organizations with little consideration……until it’s gone. We talk to these employers and their employees and its clear; the tradition is not working for anyone. For employers, these skills are gone and often not recognized until lost productivity, decreased quality and confusion arises. And for employees, their remaining years seem unappreciated, ignored and in some cases shunted aside. What’s missing is a mutual respect and mutual wisdom…..and it could be your competitive advantage

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